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How to choose the capacity of the excavator bucket?

室内5.pngRecently, many customers have asked us what size bucket they should use for their excavators. Is the larger the bucket capacity, the better?

Increasing the bucket capacity within a certain range will increase work efficiency to a certain extent. However, if the size is too large, it will have certain negative effects. For example, the oil pressure of the whole vehicle will increase, causing irreversible damage to the boom, cylinder, engine and hydraulic system. At the same time, it will increase the load of the entire excavator vehicle, causing the excavator's engine, The hydraulic system and boom are in an overloaded state, which accelerates the damage of the excavator and reduces its service life.

    Therefore, during the use of the excavator, the bucket capacity should be selected according to the actual working conditions and the conditions of the excavator itself to avoid unnecessary damage to the excavator.

    So how to choose when the excavator is in good condition? Of course, the most direct way is to refer to our instruction manual and follow the instructions to purchase. At the same time, we can also make an estimate in the following way. Assuming that our excavator is a 220 excavator, then the excavator is a 22-ton excavator with bucket capacity = 220/200 = 1.1m³. In the same way, the 360 excavator is 1.8m³, and so on for other models. However, there are exceptions for some manufacturer models, such as Carter and Liugong. Their starting numbers are 3 or 9. We need to divide the last two digits by 20 to calculate.

    Firant is a professional bucket manufacturer. You are welcome to consult based on your own model. We will definitely give you the best advice and the best products. Customization is welcome!

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